Power Rankings: Redskins finish at No. 8

The final NFL power rankings of the season are out, and here's a look at where our teams finished in the weekly poll.

8. Washington Redskins (Last week: 9; Week 1: 24). Seven straight wins and an NFC East title land Robert Griffin III and the Redskins in the top 10 to finish the season. I myself had them at No. 7, ahead of the Colts, who finished ahead of them in the poll. Decent variety here, with Jamison Hensley ranking the Redskins 6th, Mike Sando ranking them 8th and John Clayton and Ashley Fox putting them at No. 10.

14. New York Giants (15, 3). Obviously a very disappointing, playoff-free season for Eli Manning and the Super Bowl champions, who believed they could elevate themselves into the league's top echelon but finished instead with the same 9-7 record as last year. Every one of us ranked the Giants No. 14 in the final poll except Jamison, who has them at 15.

15. Dallas Cowboys (14, 14). Now, here's a team about which we were pretty much right all year. Sure, there were some stragglers. I think Jamison picked them to win the Super Bowl, actually. But for the most part, the Cowboys were looked at as a middling team that spent the season hanging around the middle of the rankings. And after Tony Romo threw three interceptions Sunday night to lose the NFC East title game to Washington, that's where the 8-8 Cowboys finish. I put them 15, as I did in Week 1. Clayton and Ashley had them 15 as well. Jamison ranked them 14th and Sando has the Cowboys at 18 to finish the season.

29. Philadelphia Eagles (29, 7). We've been over this and over this. The Eagles were a top-10 team when the season started that went 4-12 and cost Andy Reid his job as head coach. Total bottoming out. I obviously could not have been more wrong about them, as I put them No. 3 in my first rankings of the year and have them at 28 to finish the season. Sando, Clayton and Jamison rank them 29th. Ashley has them 30th. They were truly awful.

So that's it for power rankings, and now it's time to settle it on the field. As always, I welcome your thoughts.