Breakfast links: Of Redskins and rookies

Back at it on a playoff-week Wednesday with the Redskins getting ready for the Seahawks and the division's other three teams in the keep 'em/dump 'em stages of their respective offseasons. We got links.

Washington Redskins

The team for which Alfred Morris played last year went 1-11. This year, he was the second-leading rusher in the NFL and a big reason the Redskins won the NFC East. Too good to be believed, writes Mike Wise.

Mike Shanahan says the doctors are telling him Robert Griffin III's knee is 100 percent, and he thinks the only reason Griffin doesn't look like himself while running right now is that big brace he's wearing on the knee. Doesn't sound like the brace is coming off before Sunday, though.

New York Giants

ESPNNewYork.com's take 'em/trash 'em poll says Osi Umenyiora is on the outs with Giants fans. I don't think anybody has anything to worry about. I don't think the Giants were expecting to bring back Umenyiora in 2013 no matter what happened. That relationship isn't real good.

Lots of people are getting fired this week in the NFL, but that's not the way the Giants do things. They're saying not to expect serious changes to the coaching staff, and I'd believe them. The Giants love them some stability.

Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis is interviewing for the Bears' vacant head coaching position. Hey, it's not completely nuts. John Harbaugh was a special teams coordinator and has done well as Ravens head coach. The special teams coordinator is generally the only assistant coach who deals with both halves of the roster, and if a guy can lead, a guy can lead.

Same way Umenyiora is likely out in New York, cornerback Mike Jenkins looks like a good bet to be gone from the Cowboys. We all know Jenkins wasn't happy being shoved into a reserve role when the team signed Brandon Carr and drafted Morris Claiborne, and there's enough demand around the league for corners that Jenkins should find a starting role somewhere.

Philadelphia Eagles

The list of potential Eagles head coaches continues to expand, and it appears to include Syracuse's Doug Marrone as well as fellow college head coaches Chip Kelly and Bill O'Brien. Doesn't sound like Kelly's real likely at this point, which is why you're hearing so many new names this week.

As for the guy that used to coach the Eagles, it sounds as though Andy Reid has a chance to be the new head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. Be pretty funny if he could get something for Kevin Kolb again, right?