Could Terrell Thomas return to Giants?

The way their season ended, with safety Kenny Phillips on the shelf and cornerback Corey Webster looking diminished, the secondary is an issue the New York Giants obviously plan to address this offseason.

One of the names that has come up is that of Terrell Thomas, who was slated to be one of their starting corners this year before suffering the third torn ACL injury of his career in training camp. Giants GM Jerry Reese recently addressed the possibility of Thomas returning, even if he has to switch positions and play safety. Per Ohm:

"He may be one of those guys at this point in his career, if he does get back on the field from the injury, you might have to move him to a different position like safety instead of playing corner," Reese said. "Because, a couple ACLs playing corner is tough to do.

"But he is a smart guy," Reese added. "You’ve seen guys before that start careers at cornerback, and have some injuries or lose a step and teams move them inside to safety. That is something we will look at."

Long way to go before this is even a consideration, of course. As Reese mention's earlier in that story, no one even knows yet whether Thomas is going to be able or even willing to put himself through another long, difficult recovery from an ACL tear. Just an old name to keep an eye on as the Giants make their offseason plans. They know they like him, and would love to see him make a comeback with them if he can.