NFC East: 2012's most-injured division

Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News takes an annual team-by-team look at injuries and ranks teams in order of games lost by starters due to injury. According to Rick's study, which you can find here, the Washington Redskins lost the second-most games by starters to injury (75) in 2012 and the Dallas Cowboys lost the third-most (71). Only the Green Bay Packers (83) saw more starters miss more games than did the Cowboys and Redskins.

Now, as Rick points out, injuries are no excuse for a team coming up short. The Redskins made the playoffs and the Packers are still in them. But I often get asked, "Does ____ have more injuries than any other team? It sure seems that way." And if you were a fan of the Redskins or Cowboys in 2012, you weren't imagining things.

The Philadelphia Eagles lost the eighth-most games by starters to injury of any team in the league (63). So even with the relatively healthy New York Giants (38) bringing down the average, the NFC East was, according to Rick's study, the most injured division in the NFL in 2012. By kind of a lot.

Games lost by starters due to injury, 2012

NFC East: 247

AFC South: 210

AFC North: 203

NFC North: 199

AFC West: 197

NFC South: 166

AFC East: 152

NFC West: 97

The NFC West has two teams still playing. They are the San Francisco 49ers (8 starters' games missed due to injury) and the Seattle Seahawks (11), who were the two healthiest teams on Rick's list. Of course, the next three teams after them missed the playoffs completely, so take it for what it's worth. Just interesting, is all.