Eagles-Bucs: What did we learn?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

PHILADELPHIA -- I'm moments away from taking off for Dallas, but here are a few observations from the Eagles' convincing win over the sad-sack Bucs.

  • Linebacker Jeremiah Trotter didn't look too bad after almost two years away from the game. He's still a menacing player, but he looks trim compared to the guy I remember from '06. I saw him blow up the center of the Bucs' offensive line on at least one occasion, and he did a nice job checking the defense into the right call at least twice. Trotter was in there for about 20 plays, according to coach Andy Reid. I'll have some quotes from Trotter later today.

  • I had a brief but interesting talk with Eagles president Joe Banner in the postgame locker room. I asked him about Reid getting to 100 wins Sunday. "He's had a lot of milestones," Banner said. "We're just waiting for him to get that big milestone." Of course, Banner was alluding to that elusive Super Bowl title that the Eagles have been seeking. It's pretty obvious that Banner and Reid are shocked that they haven't been able to get it done over the past decade.

  • Jeremy Maclin is a star in the making. He won't go off for 140 yards and two touchdowns every week, but he's capable of making a defense pay. The Bucs picked their poison in rolling coverage to DeSean Jackson. Maclin and Donovan McNabb made them pay dearly.

  • To this point, the fabled Spread Eagle offense is pretty overrated. Do you really need Michael Vick to execute an inside handoff? On the other hand, the Eagles' base offense appears to be in excellent shape.

  • You think Brian Westbrook will enjoy eight touches per week? No, that's not going to cut it. The brooding Westbrook is going to get antsy if this keeps up.