Terrell Thomas plans another comeback

When he tore the ACL in his right knee for the third time last summer, one of the questions about New York Giants cornerback Terrell Thomas was whether he'd even want to come back again. The ACL rehab is long and brutal, and enduring it for a third time in an effort to play football again is not something you often see people try. But Thomas has announced on his web site that he does in fact plan to attempt a comeback from his latest surgery and that he hopes to be back with the Giants in 2013.

The Giants' secondary certainly could use the help. And you know they like Thomas and would welcome him back (though, surely, on a very low-guarantee deal as they did last year). Giants GM Jerry Reese has suggested that Thomas might have to switch to safety due to his injuries, but that's not a bad idea either with Kenny Phillips' contract situation up in the air and the Giants' preference for depth at that position.

A Thomas return wouldn't really address the issue of Corey Webster and the decline he showed this season, since there's no way the Giants could count on Thomas being healthy enough to be one of their starting cornerbacks. He could surprise them and be that, but they can't plan as though he will. But Thomas is a good player who'd certainly be hungry to produce after missing the past two seasons due to those knee injuries, and if he can hold up he's someone who could help them.