Quarterback options for the Eagles

Chris Sprow has this Insider pieceInsider that looks at 10 -- yes, 10! -- options for the Philadelphia Eagles at quarterback now that Chip Kelly is their head coach. Two of the options addressed are on the Eagles' current roster -- Michael Vick and Nick Foles -- and here are Chris' thoughts about the possibility of Philly keeping Vick:

Durability is a question, as are accuracy and the ability to make the proper reads. But is anybody on the planet not at least intrigued by what Vick might look like in Kelly's offense? No, he's not some full-time runner, but in an RG III mode, at the rate of, say, seven or eight runs per game, Vick could be perfect. However, he'll be a free agent and could draw serious overtures elsewhere.

Again, still can't see how they keep him without reworking the contract, but we'll know about that within the next three weeks. As for other names ... well, it's Insider, so I can't give it away. But Chris does offer three intriguing mid-round draft possibilities, including Florida State's E.J. Manuel.

Kelly's introductory news conference is scheduled for 1:30 pm ET in Philadelphia, and I'm sure some of these names and questions will come up.