How much O-line help do the Giants need?

Over at Big Blue View, Ed Valentine takes a look at the New York Giants' offensive line in an effort to determine how much work they need to do on it for 2013. Ed concludes that the Giants need to address right tackle, could stand to add depth at guard and/or center and must re-sign free-agent left tackle Will Beatty, who performed very well in 2013:

Beatty is a free agent, and the Giants have to sign him to a long-term deal. Quality left tackles don't grow on trees, and Beatty is one.

Beatty surely did perform at that level in 2013, but it remains worth wondering how much the fact that he performed well once healthy obscures the fact that it took him an extremely long time to finally get healthy. The Giants' decision on Beatty is whether to pay him like a franchise left tackle based on 2013 performance or to play it more cautiously due to the physical problems he's had for the past couple of years.

The rest of the offensive line decisions work off of that, I believe. If they don't bring back Beatty, they need a building-block left tackle, either in the draft or in free agency. If they do bring back Beatty, maybe they try again to patch it together at right tackle and what they already have at center and guard.

I still think, even if they bring back Beatty, they'd do well to find another tackle. Whether it's James Brewer, who's already on the roster, or someone new they find in the draft, the Giants need to acknowledge that they can't simply go with David Diehl and Sean Locklear forever. With the Giants' offensive line right now, it's about making sure they don't wait too long to fix problems that necessarily come with age and time.