Back, and bayou-bound

It does seem to have been a fairly interesting week that I chose to take off in late January, especially if you're the Dallas Cowboys or Trent Williams. It was refreshing to watch it from the sidelines and not write about any of it. We all need our breaks every now and then.

But this week, I am back, and headed this afternoon to New Orleans as part of ESPN's Super Bowl coverage team. No, as we all know, there's no NFC East team in the game this year. But the entire football world is going to be there, so I'm bound to run into plenty of NFC East folks throughout the week. And in the meantime, they'll use me to help supplement the coverage of the Ravens and the 49ers with video reports and other goodies you'll see on the site in the days leading up to the game.

So check here for your daily dose of Redskins, Giants, Cowboys and Eagles news and check around elsewhere on the site for my smiling face, which I know you missed.