Redskins' Danny Smith talking to Steelers

It does not appear as though the Washington Redskins are planning to make any major coaching staff changes this offseason. Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett did a fine job holding together a consistently undermanned defense down the stretch. Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan had an excellent year and also has the advantage of being the son of the head coach. If Mike Shanahan were going to fire coordinators, he likely would have done so by now, in order to grant them the best possible opportunity to land new jobs before other teams filled out their 2013 coaching staffs and to give himself the largest possible pool of replacements.

But this news that special teams coordinator Danny Smith had been granted permission to talk to the Pittsburgh Steelers about their special-teams coordinator job indicates at least that the Redskins may be open to change if change presents itself. As noted in the story, Smith was denied permission to interview with the Steelers two years ago. The fact that he's being allowed to do so now for what would appear to be a lateral move indicates that the Redskins might be willing to make a change at that spot if someone else wanted to take Smith from them.

Redskins fans seem dissatisfied with Smith, of course, but many also feel the same way about Haslett. My personal experience tells me that almost no fan base likes its coordinators. Smith is a hard worker and well regarded around the league, and it's no surprise that the Steelers would have interest in bringing him on board. My guess is that the Redskins would be fine with bringing him back next year, but since he's interviewing elsewhere you have to at least think they'd be OK with going in a different direction.