Breakfast links: McCoy 'deeply sorry'

NEW ORLEANS -- Greetings once again from the bayou, which is nowhere near NFC East country but still close enough to smell the links.

Washington Redskins

The guy who beat up Trent Williams in a Honolulu night club last week was the owner of the club. I think it's safe to say that club won't be doing much Pro Bowl week business in the future.

Is it okay for Redskins fans to root for the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl on Sunday? As you might expect, there are different perspectives on this.

New York Giants

We have discussed here the Giants' offensive line, and the idea that while it was a surprise strength in 2012, the team has significant questions to answer on the line moving forward into 2013 and beyond. Ohm Youngmisuk agrees, and examines those issues here.

There are mock drafts aplenty, and here's one that has the Giants taking BYU defensive end Ezekial Ansah with the 19th pick of the first round. Ed Valentine notes that Ansah didn't have a great Senior Bowl week, but if the Giants like his tools I can't imagine that would dissuade them too much from taking him if he's the best available pass-rusher at that spot.

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys obviously do not want to be known as an organization whose defensive tackles all drive drunk, but recent events have forced them to confront that very issue. A statement from Cowboys executive Calvin Hill on Monday asserted that the team is stepping up its efforts to prevent incidents like Jay Ratliff's and Josh Brent's before they occur.

On the positive front, the Dallas Morning News is doing a series on five Cowboys who exceeded expectations in 2012, and No. 5 is safety Eric Frampton. Assuming new defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin is installing some semblance of his famed Tampa 2 defense, the Cowboys will need to be deep at safety in 2013, and Frampton could be a helpful player.

Philadelphia Eagles

LeSean McCoy's Twitter account was not hacked Saturday night, as he halfheartedly claimed Sunday that it had been. That really was him arguing on a nasty level with the mother of his child. McCoy released a statement Monday saying he regretted the incident and his attempt to cover it up. The lesson is to think before you tweet. And especially before you tweet a boatload of times while angry late on a Saturday night. If you have learned nothing else from reading the NFC East blog, I hope you learn this.

Jason La Canfora believes the Eagles will not necessarily decide by Feb. 6 whether to keep Michael Vick or cut him. If they don't cut him by that date, $3 million of his $16.5 million salary for this year becomes guaranteed. But it might be worth it for the Eagles to spend $3 million to keep Vick available to them as an option. I still don't see any way Vick plays for the Eagles in 2013 on his current contract.