Breakfast links: Let the offseason commence

NEW ORLEANS -- Thanks to you all for bearing with me while I helped out on ESPN.com's Super Bowl coverage here for the past week. I tried to keep the blog running while otherwise occupied, but now it's officially the offseason and every team is in the same boat. Nobody plays again until the 2013 regular season begins in September, apparently in Baltimore. (None of our division's teams is scheduled to play in Baltimore next year, by the way, so the Super Bowl champion Ravens will not have an NFC East opponent for their opener.)

Anyway, travel day today, after a very exhausting week of work, so the blog may be light. And since everyone was covering the Super Bowl, the links ain't exactly super-fresh. But they are links nonetheless, and I hope you enjoy.

Washington Redskins

When he showed up here Saturday to collect his Offensive Rookie of the Year Award, Robert Griffin III said he had no doubt he and his surgically-repaired knee would be ready for Week 1.

London Fletcher is speaking out in favor of HGH testing in the NFL. The NFLPA would like Fletcher to understand its position on this as well, which is nuanced. Lots of folks don't like nuance these days. The union will sign off on HGH testing once it's convinced there's a reliable test. To this point, it is not.

New York Giants

Michael Strahan has already had a pretty good year, so it's no surprise he took his Hall of Fame snub in stride. I think Strahan fell victim to the committee's desire to get one of those wide receivers in, and likely lost his spot to Cris Carter. I still don't understand, however, how Warren Sapp was better than Strahan. But they don't ask me.

Chris Canty has his eye on a broadcasting career when his football playing days are over. Sure, I could see that.

Dallas Cowboys

Calvin Watkins admits it's not a cut-and-dried issue, but he believes Jay Ratliff will still be a Cowboy in 2013, in spite of the mounting reasons they will at least think about cutting him.

Strahan was snubbed, but so was Charles Haley ... again. Like Strahan, I have to think Haley eventually gets in, but he's had to wait longer than appears to make sense.

Philadelphia Eagles

Before he was a Super Bowl champion head coach, John Harbaugh was an Eagles special teams coach, and that experience helped mold him into what he is today. Which is a Super Bowl champion head coach.

Will the Eagles look into acquiring 49ers backup quarterback Alex Smith? It makes sense. And apparently they have shown some interest in Smith in the recent past.