Eagles still need a defensive coordinator

With the Super Bowl in the books, there are no more restrictions on the Philadelphia Eagles' ability to hire a defensive coordinator. If Baltimore Ravens assistant Ted Monachino is in fact a candidate, the Eagles are free to formally interview and even hire him, depending upon his championship parade commitments. Similarly, they can now go after 49ers assistant Ed Donatell, or anyone on either of the Super Bowl coaching staffs.

It had been believed for much of the week in New Orleans that the Eagles were in fact waiting until after the Super Bowl to hire one of the coaches from the game, and it's possible this will move quickly now, though Jeff McLane suggests here that it's possible national signing day this week could have an impact as well if Chip Kelly is looking to hire from the college ranks. Georgia's Todd Grantham is among those who have been mentioned.

When Kelly got the job, I wrote that his two most important decisions were at quarterback and defensive coordinator. He is now arriving at the time of the offseason at which he must make those two critical decisions. Especially if he plans to switch from a 4-3 defensive alignment to a 3-4, it's vital that he select a leader who can oversee that transition and make it as smooth and effective as possible.