Breakfast links: Back to normal

Yep, back home and settling into a regular Tuesday groove. We'll do our chat at noon, get that thing back on its regular schedule, and just basically try to get caught up on what, if anything, is going on with our four teams. It should be an interesting couple of days coming up here for the Eagles at least. Let's start with some links.

Washington Redskins

The Redskins' coaches are getting back to work this week after their postseason hiatus, and that work includes figuring out who they want to interview at the scouting combine as they assess potential second-round and third-round draft picks who could help them in the secondary.

Robert Griffin III offers an update on his condition as he recovers from knee surgery. Griffin is upbeat and optimistic, as he always is, but there's still no way to tell yet when to expect him to be able to play.

New York Giants

Paul Schwartz takes a look at the five things the Giants need to do if they're to get back to the Super Bowl and play it in their home stadium next year.

Former Giants quarterback Scott Brunner was one of the many people able to take pride in Joe Flacco's Super Bowl MVP performance Sunday night in New Orleans.

Dallas Cowboys

Derek Dooley was officially named Cowboys wide receivers coach, which we all already knew he was but bears mentioning since this is quite obviously a Jason Garrett hire and everybody seems so interested in pointing out the ones that don't appear to be that.

Remember Kevin Ogletree's big game in Week 1? Yeah, well, he's free-agent eligible now, and the late-season emergence of Dwayne Harris might mean it's okay for the Cowboys to move on.

Philadelphia Eagles

So it turns out Wednesday is not the hard-and-fast deadline we believed it was for the Eagles to make a decision on whether to keep Michael Vick. That $3 million that becomes guaranteed if he's still on the roster Feb. 6 is only the Eagles' problem if they keep him or if he fails to find work elsewhere. That means there's no reason for them to have to rush to make a decision on Vick's status by tomorrow night after all.

The Bears, Lions, Cardinals, Chiefs, Chargers, Redskins, Giants and Cowboys will all be eager this spring to learn whether they'll be the team that gets to play the Eagles in Philadelphia's home opener next year. After all, if they do, recent history suggests that they'll win the Super Bowl.