Breakfast links: Giants' retooling defense

Washington Redskins

The dude accused of assaulting Trent Williams in a Honolulu nightclub before the Pro Bowl says he's not guilty. Which is weird, since it seems like a ton of people saw what happened. But I wasn't one of them, so what do I know?

Redskins offensive lineman Jordan Black has one game remaining on his drug suspension, but he is eligible to participate in offseason workouts for the Redskins or whatever other team he ends up with.

New York Giants

Chris Canty says he was shocked by Tuesday's release of Michael Boley. Which means it's going to be real interesting to see how Canty reacts to the potential release of Canty.

Ohm takes an offseason look at the running-back position, and part of his conclusion is an important one to remember. No matter who carries the ball or how many times, much of the success of the 2013 Giants running game will depend on what the offensive line ends up looking like.

Dallas Cowboys

The latest additions to the Cowboys' coaching staff include an offensive-line coach, which was Bill Callahan's title last year and obviously stands as the latest hint that Callahan will take over play-calling duties from head coach Jason Garrett in 2013. Though no one's said that, because no one's saying anything. Whee!

Here's a somewhat radical idea, based deep in the Cowboys' past: If Jerry Jones wants to really show faith in Garrett, he should give him a 10-year contract extension. Somehow, I don't see it.

Philadelphia Eagles

I've got two links today from CSNPhilly.com. This one here is Reuben Frank looking at who stays and who goes on offense. No huge surprises, but for the record Reuben says Michael Vick's a goner.

And this one here says the Eagles are in contract discussions with former Oregon quarterback Dennis Dixon, who makes sense for his former coach, Chip Kelly, though likely as a backup or a quarterback they could use in certain specific packages. Not, in other words, as the solution at starter. Though I guess you never know.