Mid-round safety names for Redskins

Safety is the Washington Redskins' biggest need this offseason, and since they don't have a first-round pick you must dig deep to find names of safeties they might be able to draft in the second round or the third round. John Keim has done this, consulting with Russ Lande on some guys who might be available as potential starters beyond the first round. He names Florida International's Johnathan Cyprien, North Carolina State's David Amerson (a corner who projects as a safety) and Nevada's Duke Williams, about whom Russ says this:

"The kid who may end up being the best of all of them other than Kenny Vacarro," Lande said. "He's a violent player. He flies up the field. He also played a bunch of corner. He'll test great on the chalkboard."

It's impossible to say what the Redskins will be looking for when their pick comes around in the second. By then, they might have addressed safety in free agency, or moved DeAngelo Hall there. Or they might have traded up to get a player they like at that position or another. But you guys want names, and here are some names. Don't thank me. Thank Keim. Keim is the man.