Terrell Thomas is a resilient dude

They say the reason you don't see a lot of players come back from a second ACL surgery is that the rehab is so difficult that it's hard for them to get up for and commit to it, mentally, for a second time. Working off of that, a comeback from a third surgery to the same ACL has to be almost inconceivable. Give it up, then, for cornerback Terrell Thomas, who is attempting such a comeback and has reached agreement with the New York Giants on a new contract for 2013.

Thomas' new deal is a procedural move for the Giants. They held a $6 million option on him per the contract he signed last year and obviously weren't going to pay that since they have no idea if he'll complete his comeback this time. So this keeps them from having to cut him. They're obviously not counting on him to be a starter, to replace Corey Webster or even to play a single down. They're hoping he can rehab and play for them, and if he can, they'll figure out how best to use him.

There's no way to know whether Thomas will make it through training camp this time, whether he'll have to move to safety as general manager Jerry Reese suggested earlier in the offseason or what they'll be able to expect from him and his thrice-rebuilt knee if he makes the roster. But the Giants do know they like Thomas, and like their fans they are rooting for him to make this improbable comeback. I think it says something about the guy that he's even taken it upon himself to try. It's easy to root for a player like Thomas.