Blogger Blitz: RG III at 23

And you guys thought I forgot ...

Tuesday was, of course, the 23rd birthday of Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III III. For this week's Blogger Blitz video, I took a look back on what's happened in Griffin's life since his 22nd birthday. It's a fair bit of stuff.

I've covered a lot of different and very cool things in my 18 years as a sportswriter, but Griffin's age-22 year ranks up there with the most fun and fascinating. In this age of overhype, there aren't many things that live up to their advance billing. The extent to which, and the flair with which, Griffin met and exceeded first-year expectations in delivering the Redskins' first division title since 1999 was something to behold. He was a sensation on the field and a revelation off of it. And assuming he can make his recovery from his offseason knee surgery, I think we're all eager to see what Griffin has to offer at 23.