Breakfast links: What to pay Fred Davis?

Hey. Got some things to do today that will keep me from posting as often as I normally do. I promise it's a one-day thing, and I'll be on tonight if anything should happen and back at full steam Thursday. We still have four weeks until free agency and more than two months until the draft. We have time. We also have links.

Washington Redskins

The Redksins could franchise valuable tight end Fred Davis again at a reasonable cost, but their salary-cap constraints this year may push them instead to offer him a longer-term deal with a lower 2013 base salary. Mike Jones ponders what sort of offer the team should make to Davis, who would undoubtedly bring an element to the offense that the game but less dynamic Logan Paulsen could not offer.

The Redskins need a right tackle. Fortunately for them, there will be quite a few of them available once free agency opens March 12.

New York Giants

Almost everyone who leaves the Giants thinks it'd be great to play for the Jets, and almost everyone who leaves the Jets thinks it'd be great to play for the Giants. This makes practical sense, especially for players who have families, since it's a change that wouldn't require them to move. To that end, the Jets surfaced Tuesday as a potential destination for former Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw. I think Bradshaw finds work somewhere, but it doesn't sound as though it'll be with the other New Jersey team.

Mike Eisen thinks Rueben Randle will see an increased role with the Giants in 2013, which makes sense as they evaluate the futures of wide receivers Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks.

Dallas Cowboys

I got an email from the Cowboys on Tuesday night. It was about the Dallas Opera's upcoming Cowboys Stadium simulcast of Puccini's "Turandot," which will apparently also include the world's largest cartoon screening of the 1957 Warner Brothers film, "What's Opera, Doc?" Very exciting. I also got one that said Jason Garrett would address the media this afternoon, which might offer us a chance to find out who's going to be calling the Cowboys' offensive plays in 2013.

Bryan Broaddus is cranking out draft evaluations, and here's what he's got on some cornerbacks. Yes, I am aware the Cowboys are set with their top two corners. But there is some concern about the ability of Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne to fit Monte Kiffin's scheme. And with Mike Jenkins likely gone as a free agent, they will need to add depth at the position.

Philadelphia Eagles

LeSean McCoy made NFL.com's under-25 team, which has the effect of reminding us of the astounding fact that LeSean McCoy still hasn't turned 25!!! He'll do so in July, but still. The idea of how much more there is to come from McCoy is staggering.

Zach Berman takes a look at the Eagles' situation at linebacker, given what we know so far about the type of defense they plan to run. Lots of speculation a lot of places about DeMeco Ryans, but I get the sense he's going to (a) stick around and (b) matter.