New Eagles coaches speak Kelly

We touched on this briefly Thursday in a post on the Dennis Dixon signing, but Reuben Frank has a piece up on CSNPhilly.com about significance of the five assistant coaches Chip Kelly brought with him from Oregon to the Philadelphia Eagles:

“I knew I was going to hire coordinators that were NFL guys that haven't had the opportunity to work with me before. I have a tendency to talk really fast and I want things to be efficient. But I also know that I may forget to say something, and Pat Shurmur can go to Greg Austin and say, ‘What did he mean by that?’ Or the same thing with Dave Fipp and Matt Harper for those young guys.

“Now I can put together guys with NFL experience coming here, and those guys can say, ‘This is what coach means, this is how we operate.’”

This is an important aspect of a new coach who comes to the NFL from college. As we have discussed many times, I don't think it's fair or reasonable to expect that Kelly will simply run his Oregon offense in Philadelphia. But whatever form his schemes take, he has his own terminology and underlying concepts that he'll naturally bring with him. And bringing along some of the guys who are used to listening to him talk is a wise move that can only help those around him who are not. This is part of the reason Dixon, who spent a year with Kelly at Oregon, makes sense as a backup quarterback, and it's the main reason all of these five assistant coaches make sense as NFL assistants under Kelly.