Breakfast links: No talks yet with Romo

Good morning. Before you go look for great deals on mattresses and big-screen TVs, you'd better have some links.

Washington Redskins

Redskins GM Bruce Allen said last week that quarterback Robert Griffin III was "on schedule or ahead of schedule" in his rehab from offseason knee surgery, but Allen also said it would be months before the team could make a reasonable guess as to when Griffin might be able to play again.

The Redskins say one of their intentions for their new training camp site in Richmond is that it be more fan friendly than camps were in Ashburn.

New York Giants

Chase Blackburn's agent says the Giants have "expressed a desire" to re-sign Blackburn, but you know how that goes. The Giants likely have a number beyond which they will not go for their middle linebacker, and if he wants to test the market and try to get more, they'll likely move on without him.

With Ahmad Bradshaw gone, Andre Brown is aiming to be the Giants' starting running back in 2013. He'll have competition, of course, from 2012 first-round draft pick David Wilson. But Brown has surprised before.

Dallas Cowboys

Calvin Watkins reports that the Cowboys have yet to begin contract talks with quarterback Tony Romo. And I wouldn't expect Romo to rush into things here. The Cowboys need to give him an extension in order to get under this year's cap. He knows this. This gives him leverage. I wouldn't expect Romo to agree to a below-market deal just to do the Cowboys a favor. They'll need to pay up if they want to lock him up this offseason. And they do.

A number of people may be caught up in the controversy over who's going to call the Cowboys' offensive plays this year. But don't count Jason Witten among them. He says it's being overblown.

Philadelphia Eagles

Last week was all about quarterbacks for the Eagles. And while they don't exactly have a long-term answer there yet, their focus at the scouting combine probably should be on defense.

As for quarterbacks, though, Zach Berman writes that the main reason Michael Vick got his new deal is that neither the combine nor the 2013 offseason market in general offers any clearly better options.