Breakfast links: Ware restructures in Dallas

Way I have it figured, we could be about two weeks away from renaming the breakfast links after Otto Porter. But you guys don't care about that. Except when you ask which team I actually root for and get disappointed when I tell you it's a college basketball team that happens to have won 10 games in a row in the Big East. You just want your links. So here. Here are your links. Enjoy them in good health.

Washington Redskins

When the Redskins signed wide receiver Josh Morgan last year, they did so knowing the big problem he'd had in his short career was health. Last year was apparently no exception, as Morgan now says he had three postseason surgeries to address injuries with which he played in 2012.

In the interest of equal time, and because I have on several occasions posed the question of who would be harmed if the Redskins changed their name, here is a story about why Loudon County would rather keep it the way it is.

New York Giants

Ohm Youngmisuk calls the Giants' new deal with left tackle Will Beatty a big win for the team. And as I wrote Wednesday, if Beatty can stay healthy and continue to develop along the path he set for himself with a strong 2012, it will surely turn out to be just that. If not, they have a problem. But the Giants trust in their ability to develop their young players into starters, and this is a case in which they hope that will continue to work out.

Interesting inside look here at Giants coach Tom Coughlin and his consistent annual approach to evaluating players at the NFL scouting combine.

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have a lot of contracts to restructure if they want to get under the salary cap, and they began by reworking DeMarcus Ware's deal in a move that costs him nothing but saves them $4 million against this year's cap. They're only delaying a problem, since Ware's cap numbers are very high in each of the next two years as well, but hey. Live in the now, I guess, right? Not as though they're the only team that does it this way. Many more restructures to come in Dallas.

Jean-Jacques Taylor doesn't think Tony Romo needs to cut the Cowboys any Tom Brady-style breaks in his current contract extension negotiations with the team. And he's right, of course. While the Brady deal might help strengthen the team's position in negotiations, Romo's leverage continues to lie in the knowledge that the Cowboys desperately need to reduce his 2013 cap number. An extension is the best way to do that, and Romo knows that as well as the team does. He'll get his money.

Philadelphia Eagles

Tim McManus thinks the fact that former Eagles coach Andy Reid, who's now running the Chiefs, traded for Alex Smith instead of Nick Foles tells us something about the way the Eagles value Foles. I think the Eagles do value Foles, but I can't buy into this idea that Smith was Reid's second choice or that the Eagles could have got for Foles what the 49ers got for Smith. Foles may turn out to be great. He may turn out to be nothing. He may turn out to be something in between, which is what Smith is. But the notion that Reid would offer the 34th pick in the draft for a guy who was picked 88th just 10 months ago and has shown so little seems preposterous to me. Had the Eagles been offered the same package the Niners got for Smith, it is my belief that Howie Roseman would have driven Foles to Kansas City in his own car and not even asked him to chip in for gas. Foles has more value to the Eagles right now as a backup they like than he does to other teams as a let's-take-a-chance-on-him starter. And there's nothing wrong with that.

As for Nnamdi Asomugha, Rich Hoffman is of the belief that the Eagles just need to cut him, eat the $4 million and replace him, presumably, with someone who can stand the cafeteria food at the team's practice facility. The feeling in Philly seems to be that Asomugha stands as a symbol of an organizational plan that failed miserably, and this is a compelling argument. I think the Eagles will cut him, but I can't get all the way to 100 percent sure. I know they won't keep him for what he's currently scheduled to make in 2013, but you can't completely rule out the possibility that he stays around on a reduced deal. It's easy to say "cut him!", but the Eagles had better have a replacement option in mind on a market in which a lot of teams are going to be looking for cornerbacks.