Breakfast links: Jenkins to visit Giants

Washington Redskins

Tracee Hamilton wants Dan Snyder to sue the NFL over the salary-cap penalty. I know many of you want the same thing. Snyder may want it as well. Heck, he may end up doing it. I just don't see it. Yes, what the owners did would, in the outside world, have been considered collusion. But the collective bargaining agreement they have with the players contains a collusion clause that specifically defines what is and isn't collusion for their purposes. And according to that document, this isn't. I don't see the Redskins' way out of this.

Assuming they are stuck, the Redskins will need contributions from some cost-effective sources, including some of their 2012 draft picks. Rich Tandler takes a look at which of those are poised to help -- other than the quarterbacks and the running back, who have already established themselves as somewhat helpful. Not mentioned here is undrafted cornerback Chase Minnifield, who was a big offseason story before getting hurt last year and could factor into the mix if he returns healthy.

New York Giants

Former Eagles defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins will visit the Giants today. When Jenkins was cut, I wrote that either of the 4-3 teams in the division -- the Giants or the Cowboys -- would do well to take a look at him. He tailed off in 2012, but he played very well for the Eagles in 2011 and early in 2012. He's a strong locker room guy, and he can play anywhere on the defensive line. With Chris Canty gone, he's a good potential veteran solution for the Giants for 2013. We will see where it goes.

It sounds as though tight end Martellus Bennett isn't overly impressed with the Giants' initial efforts to keep him off the free-agent market. The Giants don't tend to spend significant resources on the tight end position (not since the Jeremy Shockey days, at least), so if Bennett's looking for a big payday he may have to look elsewhere. If not, I believe the Giants would like to have him back. At their price, of course.

Dallas Cowboys

A remarkably extensive day of contract restructuring saved the Cowboys about $23 million in salary-cap room and has them about $5 million under the $123 million salary cap. Now that they are under, we will see how far under they can get and if it's far enough to allow them to retain free-agent defensive end Anthony Spencer. A Tony Romo extension would still be the best way to clear enough cap room to franchise Spencer, but I think they'd prefer to sign Spencer long-term if they came up with enough room to do so. Another situation we'll have to keep monitoring in the coming days. Monday is the franchise tag deadline.

The Cowboys also signed veteran long-snapper L.P. Ladouceur to a five-year contract. Sounds like a minor move, but the guy doesn't have bad snaps. And until you start having bad special-teams snaps, you don't really appreciate that, do you?

Philadelphia Eagles

Another day dawns with Nnamdi Asomugha still an Eagle, and it offers Ray Didinger the opportunity to ponder how it all could have gone so wrong for a once-great player. The conclusion here, again, is that Asomugha would be best off going somewhere else. And I have to think the only reason he hasn't yet been granted a chance to do so is that it's just not that easy to find starting cornerbacks.

Can't have too many quarterbacks, I guess.