Breakfast links: Cowboys' new defense

Washington Redskins

Who will have to restructure their contracts in order to get the Redskins under the salary cap? Rich Tandler has a look at the candidates, including DeAngelo Hall, Adam Carriker and Santana Moss. This stuff's going to start to happen between now and next Tuesday, when free agency opens, so watch for it.

The Redskins need to address their right tackle position, and one of the options includes re-signing free agent Tyler Polumbus, who played the position for them last year. The tackle market is pretty strong this year, though, and I wouldn't be too surprised if they had their eye on someone else.

New York Giants

The Giants are one of several NFL teams that are seeking help from college coaches on how to stop the read option offense. Obviously, with Robert Griffin III playing quarterback in Washington and whatever Chip Kelly's got planned for his new offense in Philadelphia, this is a situation of particular concern for the Giants and other NFC East teams.

As the Giants look to the future of their offensive line, some of their answers could come from within -- from the recent mid-round picks who are developing but have yet to make an impact at the NFL level. To that end, this is a look at Brandon Mosley.

Dallas Cowboys

Todd Archer points out, as the Cowboys are saying they have their starting safeties on the roster already, that their track record with such things is not good. And as I wrote Tuesday, don't start with Matt Johnson. Matt Johnson is not an answer. He's just one of many questions right now.

Some good X-and-O stuff here on what the Cowboys' new defense is likely to look like in 2013. One of several things addressed is the way the cornerbacks will play, given that the Cowboys spent so much on their corners a year ago. The key appears to be that Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr learn the new technique details that apply to Monte Kiffin's scheme and make sure that technique is repeatable.

Philadelphia Eagles

Zach Berman expects the Eagles to take a "targeted" approach to free agency, rather than repeat their 2011 spending spree. Zach also thinks the Eagles are in a "holding pattern" with Nnamdi Asomugha as he tries to assess what his value would be on the open market.

On the topic of Asomugha and free agency, Reuben Frank is hoping the lessons of 2011 will send the Eagles back to their roots as a team that always used to say it's best to build through the draft.