London Fletcher prepping for a return

It appears as though veteran linebacker London Fletcher intends to at least try to return to the Washington Redskins for the 2013 season. Fletcher, who has said more than once since the end of the season that he would take time to decide whether to retire or return, is having surgery on his ankle today and his elbow later this month as preliminary steps to allow him to play again in 2013. Per the Washington Post, citing a person familiar with the situation:

The person said, speaking on the condition on the condition of anonymity because the Redskins had not commented publicly on Fletcher’s surgeries or his plans to play next season, that Fletcher is “not planning on retiring” but still must make certain that his body will recover to the point necessary to play well.

“The word retirement has not come out of his mouth,” the person said. “That’s why he’s getting these surgeries. He has to see if he can get healthy and get in shape, and make sure he can play at the level he wants to play.”

Fletcher signed a two-year contract last offseason, so he's already signed for 2013, which means they don't have to worry about cramming him in under their tight salary cap. Personally, I think a Fletcher return is very important for a team whose quarterback is recovering from reconstructive knee surgery and that might be shorthanded in key spots as a result of its cap problems. Fletcher's one of the Redskins' leaders on and off the field, and there could be some challenging times early in the season for the defending division champs as a result of their offseason issues.