Breakfast links: Still not Cruz-ing to a deal

Washington Redskins

Mike Wise is of the opinion that the Redskins have themselves to blame for the salary-cap penalties the league imposed on them a year ago. And while I think what the league did was ridiculous and inexcusable, Mike's point is one I've also made and is worth considering as everybody remains so angry about it. The Redskins and the Cowboys didn't do what they did to take a stand against the league-endorsed collusion that was going on. They did it to try to gain a competitive advantage. That's what ticked off the management council and led to the penalties. And while it's crazy to think that spending behavior in an uncapped season could be subject to discipline, there are no "good guys" in this mess. The Redskins and Cowboys are victims, and this should not have happened to them. But they are not innocent victims. This whole thing was a mess, and no one has reason to be proud of anything they did.

To help fill the void left by Lorenzo Alexander's free-agent defection to Arizona, the Redskins re-signed linbacker Bryan Kehl, who'll presumably take on a little more responsibility as a backup and special-teamer.

New York Giants

Aaron Ross says he always had it in his mind that he would return someday to the Giants, who were happy to welcome him back to their secondary after a year away in Jacksonville.

John Mara hopes the fact that Victor Cruz's new agent is the same one Eli Manning has helps lead to a new deal with the Giants' dynamic slot receiver. But we all know that what Mara's hoping is that Cruz's new agent talks Cruz into accepting what the Giants want to pay him, right?

Dallas Cowboys

Teams can have as many as 30 pre-draft visits with prospective draft picks, and one of the guys the Cowboys are having in is Alabama guard Chance Warmack. I believe this would be their dream pick at No. 18 in the first round -- a blue-chip guard prospect who would immediately become either the best or second-best player on their line.

Remember how great Kevin Ogletree was in the Week 1 victory over the Giants? Well, they'll always have East Rutherford. But Ogletree is going to go play for the Buccaneers now.

Philadelphia Eagles

Reputations are tough to shake, and new Eagles cornerback Cary Williams would really like to find a way to shed his reputation as a loose cannon. Williams is penciled in right now as one of the Eagles' starting cornerbacks, and I'm not sure how it's going to go. He's got his pluses, but he struggles downfield in one-on-one matchups against physical wide receivers, and he can be beaten for the big play. Maybe he should play up the whole crazy-guy thing instead of trying to shake it. Somebody told me the Eagles fans like passion and stuff.

Jeff McLane assesses the pickups the Eagles have made on defense, and looks at the ways in which the new pieces and the returning ones might fit into Chip Kelly's and Bill Davis' expected defensive scheme.