Giants think Cruz will get more than Welker

PHOENIX -- Interesting New York Giants-related nugget from the first day of the owners meetings here Sunday. Co-owner Steve Tisch, talking about restricted free-agent wide receiver Victor Cruz, was asked if he thought the two-year, $6 million contract slot receiver Wes Welker signed with the Denver Broncos was a benchmark.

"I think Victor will get higher than that," Tisch said.

Which is the ultimate in self-fulfilling prophecies, right? I mean, if the team thinks he should get more than Welker, that would certainly seem to indicate he ultimately will. It's extremely doubtful that the agent would hear something like this and start negotiating downward, insisting that Cruz make less than Welker.

Anyway, the whole thing backed up my belief that the contract dispute between Cruz and the Giants breaks down along philosophical lines regarding what kind of receiver he is. If the Giants view him as a slot receiver and are willing to pay him more than Welker, who's the best slot receiver of his generation and a player on whom Cruz has said he modeled his game, then you can see why the Giants think they are being generous with their offer. But if Cruz is looking to cash in on his two huge seasons with top-receiver money based on the idea that his production stacks up with that of the top receivers, then it's unlikely the Giants are going to move up into his ballpark.

Round and round it goes. I still think it gets done eventually.