Breakfast links: Another RB hates new rule

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles continue to poke around at different quarterback options in advance of next month's draft. They may take one, they may not, but the extent to which they're evaluating the top options shows you how important they think the position is.

Wide receiver Arrelious Benn, just acquired in a trade last week from Tampa Bay, has signed a one-year contract extension through 2014 and says he's looking forward to getting his career on the right track after its injury-plagued start.

Washington Redskins

Tracee Hamilton doesn't think the authority figures in the equation are doing a good enough job assessing or admitting their own level of responsibility for Robert Griffin III's knee injury. I had a similar thought when I heard that Mike Shanahan said Wednesday that Griffin has to protect himself better in 2013 -- namely, that Griffin's not the only one responsible for protecting Griffin better.

Rob Jackson's drug suspension is, unfortunately, nothing new for the Redskins over the past couple of seasons.

Dallas Cowboys

Emmitt Smith says he sees some aspects of the current Cowboys that remind him of the championship Cowboys teams on which he played, but he's not sure he sees enough of them. He also thinks Jimmy Johnson needs to be added to the Cowboys' ring of honor.

Jason Garrett thinks the most important thing wide receiver Miles Austin can do in 2013 is stay healthy. Austin and Dez Bryant could form one of the most dangerous wide-receiver duos in the league if not for those nagging hamstring problems that have limited Austin in recent years.

New York Giants

David Wilson is the latest running back to voice ill-considered opposition to a new NFL rule designed to keep running backs from paralyzing themselves. The rule that will penalize running backs for leading with the crown of their helmets in the open field is among the most sensible things the NFL has done in recent memory, and the refusal to understand it by those who will benefit the most from it is ... well, it's puzzling, to be honest.

What does it matter who your backup quarterback is when your starter never misses a game? In announcing the re-signing of backup David Carr, the Giants offered an explanation of how he helps them during the week on the practice field.