Let's talk a little about Fred Davis

Why? Because Fred Davis is a funny character, and while I still think the most likely outcome of his offseason is that the Washington Redskins re-sign him, there's at least a chance he ends up out of the division where I'll no longer be able to write about him. That would be a shame, because as I have already mentioned, Davis is funny.

The latest example of this comes courtesy of Dan Steinberg, who watched Davis' interview with NFL Network over the weekend and culled this gem from it:

“A lot of people are looking at the [Achilles] injury and that stuff,” Davis told the NFL Network on Friday. (Watch the video here.) “I definitely feel like whatever team signed any tight ends right now, I’m gonna make them regret anything that they do -- AND the Redskins, too, as well -- because I know I’m gonna go out here and I’m gonna do what I have to do. And I’ll bet you next year’s gonna be a good year for me. This is The One right here. This is The Big One. You ever watch Fred Sanford? He had The Big One. That’s what this year is for me. Elizabeth, I’m coming!

I guess you could say Davis is "serious as a heart attack" about this situation. There's much more, of course, including Davis' assertion that he'd take himself over Rob Gronkowski if he had Tom Brady as his quarterback (No offense, Robert Griffin III). And this one, which is my personal favorite:

He said he doesn’t enjoy talking about himself, but that “since I’ve been in the league I haven’t really been recognized to the liking that I would like to be.”

Anyway, it seems clear that we've reached the point in the offseason at which Davis would like his contract situation settled. If the Redskins had any cap room, it likely would have been settled weeks ago. They likely would have franchised him again. But they can't afford to do that, and to this point they have not been able to afford to sign him to a one-year or multiyear deal. The $18 million still hanging over them in salary-cap penalties this year have left them hamstrung, and while they've been able to retain most of their own free agents, Davis to this point has eluded them.

So over the weekend, you hear about the Bills having interest, and the Jets maybe having interest. And that's to Davis' benefit because it might make the Redskins worry they could lose him and, if blood can be procured from this particular stone, up their offer. Thing is, if I'm the Redskins, I dare Davis to sign with a team whose current depth chart has Tarvaris Jackson or Mark Sanchez on the top line at quarterback. Try heading to a place like that and putting up the kinds of numbers that'll help you get a new deal this time next year if you're healthy. Good luck with that.

This is why I think, ultimately, the marriage stays intact for another year in Washington. Davis comes with a few red flags, dontcha know, including the Achilles tear from which he's recovering and the fact that his next drug offense will get him suspended for one full year. So as talented as he is, it's not as though he can expect the offers to come flooding in. It appears he is arriving at that realization.