Breakfast links: Tony Romo deal fallout

Good morning and welcome to April. This means that we can now say "this month's NFL draft" instead of "next month's NFL draft." In the midst of the NFL offseason, we take any progress we can get. And we'll always take some links.

Dallas Cowboys

In the wake of the week-ending news of Tony Romo's contract extension, Brandon George asks whether the Cowboys are gambling their money on a quarterback who has peaked. Personally, I think Romo's 2013 performance was that of a quarterback squarely in his very productive prime. The issue with Romo going forward will be performance in those playoff games (and playoff-like games) that have been his bugaboo.

The Romo contract extension cleared about $5 million in fresh salary-cap room for the Cowboys. If they go out on the market to spend it, will they target a veteran running back? They definitely need to add depth at the position, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to prioritize durability (to the extent that they can), considering the issue with starter DeMarco Murray is his difficulty staying healthy enough to play.

New York Giants

Gary Myers thinks Victor Cruz needs to heed the lesson of Steve Smith and take the money the Giants are already offering him. Certainly, this point of view would seem to encapsulate the team's hope and, likely, its side of the negotiations. Cruz is asking to be paid as a No. 1 wide receiver based on numbers the past two years that say he is one. The Giants want to make him the league's highest-paid slot receiver, since they don't think they can use him regularly on the outside. And round and round it goes.

For some reason, the Giants are taking a look at former West Virginia quarterback Pat White. Ohm seems to think it's an effort to see if it makes sense to incorporate some read-option into the offense, since that's all the rage these days. I'd be surprised, given Tom Coughlin's comments about the read-option at the owners' meetings in Phoenix and the senselessness of having someone besides Eli Manning take snaps as long as he's healthy.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles signed a gigantic wide receiver named Ifeanyi Momah to a three-year contract. This is a guy who looked pretty good playing for Boston College in September of 2011 but hasn't played since. So it's a flyer on a guy who's 6-foot-7 and once showed promise. Remember, big people can beat up little people.

Jeff McLane is skeptical about the idea that the Eagles will pick West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith with the No. 4 pick in this month's(!) draft. I think this is the first time we've mentioned two West Virginia quarterbacks in the breakfast links. I also share Jeff's skepticism. I think Chip Kelly is expecting to try and find his franchise quarterback next year.

Washington Redskins

Mike Jones has some names, in case you've been looking for names of defensive backs who might be available and of interest once the Redskins start drafting in the second round later this month(!). The consensus is that this is a deep draft for defensive backs, which is fortunate for the Redskins, because that's what they need.

Robert Griffin III had a chance to chat with President Obama last week at a sporting event to which I have personally not been paying any attention whatsoever. The leader of the free world spoke with the Redskins' quarterback about protecting himself. Wonder if it sounded different than it did when Mike Shanahan said it to reporters in Phoenix. Guessing so.