Breakfast links: Jason Peters ready to go

Good morning. Bit of a different kind of Wednesday this week. I have to go up to Bristol for meetings with the bosses and some of the other bloggers to talk about coverage plans for the coming year. So because I'll be in meetings all day, I won't be posting to the blog as regularly as I usually do. If big news breaks, you'll have to wait until this evening or maybe even tomorrow to find out what I think about it. Hopefully, you'll find a way to get by. Maybe you can save some of the links until later.

Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles left tackle Jason Peters, who missed the 2012 season after tearing his Achilles tendon twice during the 2012 offseason, says he's 100 percent and looking forward to playing for new coach Chip Kelly. Peters was the best left tackle in the league in 2011, and what was especially valuable about him was his ability to block his man at the line and then get out and block upfield at the second level. Assuming Kelly's offense is going to be speed-based and up-tempo, Peters' athleticism will be highly valued.

Whether he's lining up on the line or at outside linebacker, Brandon Graham's game is going to be all about rushing the passer.

Washington Redskins

Re-signing DeAngelo Hall didn't end the Redskins' interest in veteran free-agent cornerback Antoine Winfield, according to Mike Jones, though it could get tricky for them to fit him under the salary cap. A lot of people on Twitter have suggested the Redskins could cut cornerback Josh Wilson to make room for Winfield, and that would accomplish that goal, but I don't see it happening. Wilson is eight years younger than Winfield, and the Redskins like him. I think they see Winfield as a killer slot corner and would love to be able to put him on the field with Wilson and Hall, whom they view as starters.

The Redskins have retained more of their 2012 players than any other team in the NFL, according to Rich Tandler. An impressive accomplishment considering the cap problems they had to overcome.

Dallas Cowboys

Todd Archer thinks team owner Jerry Jones faces more pressure than quarterback Tony Romo does now that Romo is signed long-term. I get Todd's point, but I just don't think billionaire sports team owners really face pressure the way the athletes do. As Todd points out, it's not as though Jones is in danger of losing his job as GM.

It's easy to get frustrated and want change when the team isn't succeeding the way you hoped it would, but Blogging the Boys does a good job here of looking at the importance of organizational continuity, especially at head coach and quarterback.

New York Giants

In an effort to keep adding depth on the defensive line, the Giants are looking at former Eagles defensive tackle Mike Patterson, who had brain surgery last offseason but is still only 29 and likely could help if he's healthy.

Could Victor Cruz's new agent actually turn out to be rapper Jay-Z? Don't laugh. It's possible.