Breakfast links: Vick, Foles split the reps

Oh it's getting revved up now, isn't it? Schedule release this Thursday night. Draft next Thursday night. Some teams are even having minicamps already. Kind of stuff that makes for nice, meaty links.

Philadelphia Eagles

Michael Vick and Nick Foles split the first-team reps at quarterback at the Eagles' first practice under new head coach Chip Kelly, who described the competition between them as "even" with a scant five months to go before the regular-season opener. If you had to bet, you'd bet Vick to start the season as the Eagles' quarterback. But we have seen Vick capable of making enough mistakes to blow that chance. The idea that Foles has no shot here just because he doesn't run well is, I believe, inaccurate.

But no matter who you are with the Eagles this year, even if you don't run fast, you're going to have to practice fast. Kelly spoke about the tempo at his first Eagles practice, and the difference between "game speed" and "teach speed."

Washington Redskins

It's hard to assess this as any kind of step in his recovery from knee surgery, but Robert Griffin III is feeling good enough these days that he plans to attend the Redskins' annual draft party two weekends from now at FedEx Field.

The Redskins don't need to draft a quarterback this year, since they have Griffin well backed up with Kirk Cousins and Rex Grossman. But they surprised everyone by drafting two last year, so don't rule it out.

Dallas Cowboys

And speaking of teams drafting quarterbacks even though they're set at the position, Calvin Watkins wonders whether the Cowboys might look for a young project at the position at some point in this year's draft. Point is, some teams view quarterbacks as valuable commodities and like to draft them as often as possible. The Cowboys haven't been such a team.

The Cowboys also could look to add to their wide receiver corps in the middle rounds, but that doesn't appear to be a crying need since they have high hopes for Dwayne Harris and Cole Beasley.

New York Giants

Andre Brown wants to score 22 touchdowns and rush for 1,300 yards this year. I don't have a lot to say to this except that it's good to have dreams and that I think Brown is a quality back who will fill a valuable role for the Giants next year but likely fall somewhat short of those numbers.

Justin Tuck says he's in the right mindset to get back to work this year and that he hasn't always been in that right mindset the last few years. I think that last part is certainly fair and honest, but the first part is something he has been saying for a couple of years now, even when it has not, in retrospect, been true.