Breakfast links: No blame game for RG III

One week left until the draft. One week! Here at ESPN.com, we're gearing up for next week's blogger mock draft, in which each of the eight division bloggers makes the first-round picks for his teams. We did it last year and included trades, which made it a lot of fun. I believe it's rolling Tuesday, but in the meantime I welcome input from you guys on what I should do with the NFC East first-round picks. Mull it over, would you, while you chew on some links?

Washington Redskins

Robert Griffin III would like to move past whatever controversy there's been about assigning blame for his knee injury, and that's the right way to go. The rumblings about bad blood between Griffin and coach Mike Shanahan over offseason comments about the injury were discouraging because the sensible thing for both sides is to get along, work through any issues and move on with what can surely be a mutually beneficial long-term partnership.

The Redskins likely can expect a safety they draft in the second round next Friday night to at least be capable of starting for them as a rookie, though history says there's some question about how good he'll be.

Dallas Cowboys

Both Josh Brent and the Cowboys are waiting for Brent's legal issues to be resolved before making any decisions on how to proceed. Brent could go to voluntary workouts if he wanted to, but he's (probably wisely) staying away. And the Cowboys could cut him for salary-cap relief if they wanted to, but they've decided not to for now. Brent's likely to do jail time on intoxication manslaughter charges stemming from the drunk-driving incident that killed teammate Jerry Brown.

Speaking of decisions that seem obvious but remain in limbo, the Cowboys still haven't made a final decision about right tackle Doug Free. They can't get the cap relief from Free's contract until June 1 anyway, so it makes sense to see what happens in the draft and the rest of free agency before deciding what to do there.

New York Giants

Eli Manning's former college coach, David Cutcliffe, was extremely fired up about the way Manning looked when the two worked together at Duke last week.

Justin Tuck won't be worried about the Victor Cruz situation unless he looks up in Week 1 and Cruz isn't on the field for the Giants' first game. Cruz has been absent from the start of the voluntary portion of the Giants' offseason program as he remains in a contract dispute with the team.

Philadelphia Eagles

Oklahoma's Lane Johnson, who's regarded as one of the three elite tackle prospects in this year's draft, thinks there's "a good possibility" that the Eagles will draft him next Thursday night. As we've discussed here many times, tackle would be a fine way for the Eagles to go at No. 4, as they could move Todd Herremans from right tackle to right guard and groom an eventual successor to Jason Peters at left tackle.

Michael Vick is bulked up and fired up about the Eagles' new offense with Chip Kelly as its coach, and he insists the starting quarterback job is still his even though Kelly says he's in an even competition with Nick Foles.