Champion Chargers, other schedule notes

The Philadelphia Eagles' first home game of the 2013 regular season will be on Sept. 15 against the San Diego Chargers. Regardless of the outcome, recent history tells us this is extremely good news for the Chargers. In each of the past four seasons, the visiting team in the Eagles' home opener has gone on to win the Super Bowl. You don't even have to win the game. The Ravens lost to the Eagles in Philadelphia's home opener last year and still couldn't be stopped in January or February. It's fate. May as well start designing the Chargers' rings now.

A few other leftover NFC East schedule notes, with the help of ESPN Stats & Information:

  • The Washington Redskins and the New York Giants are each scheduled for five prime-time, nationally televised games in 2013 -- tied with the 49ers, Patriots, Broncos and Falcons for the most of any team. This can change, of course, depending on "flex" scheduling in the final six weeks of the regular season. But the Dec. 1 Sunday night game between the Giants and the Redskins is the only prime-time matchup for either of those teams at risk of being moved to an earlier time.

  • The Redskins host two "Monday Night Football" games and are 1-10 in their last 11 home "Monday Night Football" games. But they did go 2-0 in prime time last year.

  • The Eagles finish the season with a road game against the Dallas Cowboys. It will be the fourth time in the last six seasons that the Eagles and Cowboys play each other in the season finale. The Cowboys played at the Giants and at the Redskins in each of the last two regular-season finales, each time with the division title on the line, and lost both.

  • After they get home from their Thursday night game in Chicago on Oct. 10, the Giants may not have to board an airplane again for 58 days. Their only road games in Weeks 7-13 are at Philadelphia in Week 8 and at Washington in Week 13 -- two trips for which they can use buses or a train. They'll need to fly to San Diego for their Week 14 game against those eventual Super Bowl champion Chargers, but their bodies should be well-rested for the stretch drive by that point.