Breakfast links: The day of #bloggermock

Oh yeah. That's right. Today at noon is our ESPN.com blogger mock draft, in which I and my fellow division bloggers make the first-round picks for the teams in our respective divisions. Trades are allowed and encouraged. It's a good time, and you should drop whatever you're doing at noon and come right back here to the blog to follow along, comment, whatever you like. You know you're not going to be thinking about work today anyway, what with the draft two days away. So please, come join in.

By then you should have digested your links.

New York Giants

John Mara says a long-term deal between the Giants and wide receiver Victor Cruz will be done in time. And while the dispute between the two sides about Cruz's relative worth as a slot receiver or a No. 1 receiver or whatever is significant, Mara's statement likely reflects the reality that it's best for them both that the long-term deal get done to keep Cruz in New York. I think he's right that the way this ends is with Cruz in a Giants uniform for a long time. I just think it'll be a bumpy road to the finish.

Tom Rock makes a good point about the Giants potentially drafting guys with off-field issues like Manti Te'o and Tyrann Mathieu -- namely, that they have the locker-room and coaching-staff infrastructure to handle guys like that the right way and bring them along in their program. Still don't see them breaking a 28-year stretch of not taking linebackers in the first round with Te'o.

Philadelphia Eagles

Fletcher Cox is looking ahead to a second straight year of significant change, as the Eagles' 2012 first-round draft pick learns a new coaching staff and defensive scheme.

Phil Sheridan thinks the best thing for the Eagles to do with the No. 4 pick in Thursday's draft is to keep it and draft a very good player -- i.e., not trade down. Sheridan is a wise man, and 100 percent correct. The Eagles don't need quantity. They have lots of good players. They need a franchise building block, and they'll find one at No. 4.

Washington Redskins

Keith McMillan ponders the question of whether the Redskins should try and trade their second-round pick this year for a first-round pick next year. I mean, sure, yeah, if they could. But do other teams really do that? I don't see it. And with their cap problems, the Redskins kind of need to try and find a 2013 starter there in the second anyway.

The Redskins really liked safety Jordan Bernstine coming out of training camp last year and likely could have used him as the secondary suffered so many injuries along the way. If he recovers from the significant knee injury he suffered in last year's season opener, Bernstine could be a factor in this year's secondary. Surely, it appears, there will be opportunity.

Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones says the Cowboys "really are in good shape" on the defensive side of the ball leading up to the draft. That could be interpreted as a clue that they'll spend their first-round pick on an offensive lineman, which they absolutely 100 percent should. Or it could be useless pre-draft words from a team owner/GM who has no interest in divulging clues about his team's actual plans. Or it could be both. You use it however you want.

DeMarcus Ware clarified that "put up or shut up" comment from a couple of weeks ago, which everyone breathlessly rushed to take as a shot at Tony Romo. I don't think he needed to clarify it, but I guess I'm in the minority.