Breakfast links: One day more...

That's right. Today is NFL Draft Eve, which means that if you go to bed when you're told to go and you've been a good little boy or girl this year, Draft Claus will come in the middle of the night and leave you a new offensive tackle or cornerback under your Draft tree.

No? That's not how it works? We have to wait all the way until tomorrow night at 8 pm ET? And the Redskins fans have to wait even longer?

Yeesh. What a rip.


Philadelphia Eagles

Jeff McLane reports that the Eagles are trying to trade down out of the No. 4 pick. I wish them luck with that, since everyone wants to trade down and it's hard to see anyone wanting to offer worthwhile value to trade up. I also have to think there are at least four players in this draft who'd be very good for the Eagles, and that they should sit tight and take one of them. But there's no harm in seeing what you can get.

How about a tight end at some point in this draft for the Eagles? Yeah, they have Brent Celek and James Casey, but Chip Kelly seems like the kind of guy who can never have enough weapons on offense. Geoff Mosher has more here.

Washington Redskins

What kind of player can the Redskins expect to get with the 51st pick in the draft, which is their first of this year? Well, current Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett was a No. 51 pick, as was former Redskins running back Clinton Portis. Mike Harris took a look at the history of that number.

Chris Russell looks at the issues that underlay the problems with the FedEx Field turf in January's playoff game, and what the team and stadium are doing to fix them.

Dallas Cowboys

My friend Todd Archer takes issue with my stance that the Cowboys must do whatever it takes to come out of Thursday's first round with an offensive lineman. Todd's belief is that they need to stick to their draft board, and if they have D.J. Fluker as a second-round player, they shouldn't take him in the first. I think Todd's premise is sound and applicable to most teams. My point is that the offensive line is such a long-neglected need for Cowboys, and such a consistently crippling year-to-year problem, that drafting for this particular need is (a) long overdue and (b) the right move for both the short-term and the long-term.

Mac Engel says that Jason Garrett needs his current players, not this year's draft picks, to perform if he wants to save his job. Garrett's job security will always be a topic, I think, until he no longer has his current job. I'm still not as sure as everyone else seems to be that Jerry Jones will dump Garrett if they go 8-8 again. But it's surely not out of the question.

New York Giants

The Giants bought Chance Warmack a really nice steak when they had him in for a visit recently. He'd be a solid pick for them, I think, but I doubt they'll get the chance to pick him. He went 7th in our ESPN blogger mock draft Tuesday, and even if he drops, it's impossible to imagine him getting past the Cowboys at 18.

Running back Andre Brown signed his restricted free-agent tender, which is no surprise and leaves just one restricted free agent left for the Giants. You all know his name. Catches a lot of passes. Rhymes with "picked her shoes." Yeah, him. Likely a longer wait on that one.