Breakfast links: Yes, Today's the day

Draft day, people. The day on which you'll finally get to start finding out which members of the least exciting NFL draft class in recent memory will be disappointing you and your team come September. Can you feel the excitement?

Well, can you at least click the links? There you go. Click the links. It'll make you feel better.

Washington Redskins

A few people have asked what the chances are that the Redskins find a way to trade up into the first round of this year's draft. They'd have to move up 19 picks. That's a pretty tough trick, and Mike Shanahan certainly doesn't sound as though he plans to be picking anyone until Friday night. He does, however, sound like a man at peace, and that's because he got his quarterback last year.

The Redskins could look to add pieces to their offensive line in the middle or late rounds, but they don't feel pressed to find starters, since they're bringing back their starting five offensive linemen from last year. Robert Griffin III, the aforementioned quarterback, is happy about that.

Dallas Cowboys

Like every other team in the first round, the Cowboys have made noise in recent days about trading down. Tim MacMahon has a look at Jerry Jones' history of doing so. Some good, some bad.

If the Cowboys were to trade up tonight, it likely would be for someone like North Carolina guard Jonathan Cooper, who hopes he's long gone by the time the Cowboys' pick rolls around at No. 18. Not because he doesn't like the Cowboys, mind you, but because he wants to get picked earlier than that.

New York Giants

If you know what the Giants are going to do at No. 19 tonight, please call me. Because I can't even make a good guess. Ralph Vacchiano wonders if they might take controversial Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o. Tough for me to imagine, but in this draft anything's possible I guess.

The Giants haven't drafted a linebacker in the first round since 1984. By comparison, the stretch since they last drafted a first-round offensive lineman (1999) is relatively short. Could Alabama's D.J. Fluker be their man? If I had to put money on it, I'd still say defensive back or defensive lineman. But I'm real glad I don't have to put money on it.

Philadelphia Eagles

Sharrif Floyd seems to have obtained a sense of what the Eagles plan to do on defense under Chip Kelly. And while he's been dismissed in some circles as a poor fit because he's more of a 4-3 guy and everybody thinks the Eagles are going to run a 3-4, Floyd says it's not that simple and that he'd be able to do what the Eagles need him to do should they make him the No. 4 pick tonight.

We do not know what the Eagles will do in the draft either, but Jeff McLane thinks he knows a few things they won't do, including take an Oregon pass-rusher just because that's the school at which Kelly used to coach.