Up and running at Radio City

NEW YORK -- I have arrived at my station for this year's NFL draft, which is a prime seat at Radio City Music Hall. We have a little less than three hours to go before the festivities get started, but if you'd like to follow along in the meantime, Ashley Fox is running a live blog with all kinds of scene elements from here. She's got photos of the jars of M&Ms at each team's table, which are in team colors with team logos on them. She's got interviews with some of the ESPN personalities who will be driving our network's draft coverage tonight. Lots of stuff that'll make you feel like you're right here with us.

I'll be passing along anything I come up with, either there on the live blog or here in this space. And of course, the Philadelphia Eagles are scheduled to pick fourth tonight, so we'll have news on that shortly after 8 p.m. ET. I imagine their pick, whoever it turns out to be, has a chance to be here, and if that's the case I'll get a chance to talk with him and pass along anything interesting he says about his new team.

The Dallas Cowboys (18) and the New York Giants (19) will pick later in the night, and there's a decent chance their picks also will be in the house. So it'll be a long and fun night with as many updates, posts, columns and whatever else I can come up with for you. Enjoy.