Breakfast links: We're just getting started

Oh yeah. Two more rounds tonight. The Eagles have one of the first picks again. The Cowboys have an extra third-rounder. The Redskins get to join the party. It may be a new day, but we are mid-draft, and let's not forget it. These links here are draft links. So we put them in (post-trade) draft-pick order.

Philadelphia Eagles

What did Phil Sheridan like about the Eagles' pick of Lane Johnson at No. 4 in the first round? "No trading down. No messing around. No outsmarting themselves by trying to look smarter than everyone else." Simple and basic were the hallmarks of this year's first round, and the Eagles played it straight.

Johnson's journey to the NFL was unusual to say the least. From junior college quarterback to tight end and defensive end and ultimately tackle at Oklahoma, he's worked through a lot of stuff to get to Philadelphia.

New York Giants

Jerry Reese said he was looking for reasons not to draft Justin Pugh at No. 19 but couldn't find any. He thinks Pugh can play any position on the line, and since the Giants don't know at this point where their greatest line need will be in a year or two, the pick made sense to him.

There are a number of positions the Giants could still address in the draft's remaining rounds, and Jenny Vrentas takes a look at where they might go from here.

Dallas Cowboys

The knock on Travis Frederick is that he's not super-athletic or quick. As you might expect, Frederick says his 40 time doesn't tell the whole story of what kind of football player he is.

Tim MacMahon thinks there's a chance the Cowboys could look foolish for passing on Sharrif Floyd when they had a chance to take him at 18. And he may be right, but Floyd went 23rd. Dallas isn't the only team that will look foolish if he outplays his draft slot.

Washington Redskins

The Redskins are going to have to make a decision or two on players with off-field issues and baggage as they start picking in the second and third rounds. Mike Jones examines the ways in which Mike Shanahan & Co. do their homework on such players.

The smart money is on cornerback or safety as the position the Redskins will address with their first pick of this year's draft, which is the 19th pick on the board tonight. They will have some good choices.