Giants draft a project safety in fifth round

New York Giants fans seem to understand, for 362 days a year, the way the Giants operate the draft. That doesn't mean it can't feel frustrating, during the draft, when the team isn't working to fill obvious needs like cornerback and linebacker. But the Giants run their draft and their organization a certain way, picking value guys they believe can develop and help them long-term. And it tends to work out. They contend every year, and every now and then they win a Super Bowl.

So while this fifth-round pick of Richmond safety Cooper Taylor isn't what you wanted in this spot, it's important to remember what the Giants are about and why they likely liked him. He's 6-foot-4, 229 pounds, which is big for a safety and small for a linebacker and it's impossible to know from here exactly what kind of role he ends up filling in the NFL. He's someone who can make an impact on special teams right away, and the Giants like him as a physical specimen who may be able to fill a variety of different roles in the three-safety looks they like to use.

Maybe he never makes an impact beyond special teams, but this is the fifth round and it's the Giants, and that means he's worth a shot. Their coaching staff will work to turn him into an NFL safety, and that could take a while, but that's okay by them.