Saints still looking for a challenge

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

NEW ORLEANS -- This was supposed to be a measuring stick game for both teams. Well, the Giants aren't measuring up at all. This is the first game we've seen how much they miss safety Kenny Phillips. But it's about more than that. Drew Brees has toyed with the Giants' secondary all day. And there's absolutely no pressure coming. Even when Bill Sheridan sends a safety like Michael Johnson, Brees gets the ball away quickly.

Some of us were touting Eli Manning for MVP heading into this game. Right now, my vote would go to Drew Brees. Oops, Kevin Dockery just bit on another play-action fake. Saints up, 41-17. Dockery was screaming at C.C. Brown after that play. I've never seen a safety have this bad a day. He has no clue what's going on. Why in the world wouldn't Coughlin put Rouse out there? Brown's been exposed since the opening snap.