Breakfast links: A confident Matt Barkley

This Friday's links are sorted in order of most recent NFC East division title.

Washington Redskins

Rich Tandler has a detailed look at the position competitions the Redskins will have for spots on their defense this summer. Interesting to think that a couple of young guys whose potential as future starters they've liked at safety, DeJon Gomes and Jordan Bernstine, could be on the outside looking in because of their draft picks.

A recent AP poll shows that the name "Redskins" still draws widespread support. As we've discussed at length here, though, popular does not equal right.

New York Giants

The words the Giants are using to describe seventh-round draft pick Eric Herman make him sound like the kind of guy they like to play guard, though not necessarily the kind of guy you want to go out to dinner with.

Those who have asked whether the Giants might re-sign linebacker Michael Boley are hereby referred to the considerable off-field problems he's enduring at the moment as a reason that's not likely.

Philadelphia Eagles

Phil Sheridan writes that the Eagles had a draft plan and stuck to it, but he questions whether it did enough to address their issues on defense.

Matt Barkley says he believes Chip Kelly when Kelly says he'll adapt his schemes to fit his personnel, and he has no trouble believing he can play well enough to be part of those schemes.

Dallas Cowboys

The market for the remaining right tackles is moving quite slowly, which suits the Cowboys just fine. They're still waiting to see how their situation with their current right tackle, Doug Free, is going to resolve itself.

As the dust settles around the draft, and as people continue to question the way they managed the first round, the Cowboys remain very pleased with the players they got, according to Clarence Hill.