Giants' Clint Sintim announces retirement

I know, right? I'll bet a lot of you forgot all about linebacker Clint Sintim, the first of the New York Giants' two second-round picks in the 2009 draft. He hasn't played since blowing out his right knee for the second time in the 2011 preseason. And as Ohm Youngmisuk writes, he isn't planning to play ever again:

Sintim wrote on Facebook: I never actually announced it but I am officially retired from the game of football. I want to thank everyone who supported me throughout my movement but it was honestly time for me to walk away from the game. Ambition should not be limited to a sport and in my case it is not. "Continue to chase your dreams with the awareness of obstacles....You may not always be able to dictate your path.....but your response to change is always mental!!"---------------->@ClintSintim52

Sintim finishes his pro career with 33 tackles and one sack.

Why is this relevant to the blog on May 6, 2013? Well, because it's May 6 for one thing. But also because we've been talking a lot about the Giants' linebacker situation, and Sintim is a recent example of the Giants using a relatively valuable resource (the 45th pick in the draft) on a linebacker who didn't pan out. Part of the reason the Giants are thin at the position is that they don't usually make it a priority during the player-acquisition portion of the offseason, and part of it is that several of the guys they've worked to acquire (Sintim and Keith Rivers are two examples) haven't developed or performed the way the Giants hoped they would, either because of injury or for other reasons.

As we mentioned in the links this morning, part of the reason the Giants undervalue linebacker is that they're a 4-3 team that's using its base front less and less as the years go on and passing offenses continue to find ways to put more passing-game personnel on the field. The Giants think it wiser to invest in the defensive line and the secondary. But it says something that they once thought enough of Sintim to use such a relatively high pick on him, and you do wonder what might have been if he had stayed healthy.

And yes, the other second-round pick they had that year was tackle Will Beatty.