Chat wrap: Players on the hot seat?

We had our weekly chat Tuesday. I think some people had some fun. There were times when I was among them. Click here if you want the full transcript. Scroll down if you want a couple of highlights. Your call, completely.

@Geeeeemen (NJ): Justin Tuck is entering the final year of his deal and there's been no talk of an extension. Is Tuck leaving a forgone conclusion or will a rebound year (after 2 down years) change things?

Dan Graziano: I do not think Tuck's departure is a foregone conclusion, but I do think the Giants want to see how he plays this year before deciding how much to offer him to stay. Which is the right way for them to go, considering how few great games Tuck has played over the past two seasons.

Randy Snyder (Newalla Oklahoma): Do you think Terrance Williams can beat out Miles Austin for a starting position and if so would Miles become a cap casualty or trade bait ?

DG: No, and as usual, I don't get the rush to run Miles Austin out of town. I think when they go three-wide, Austin moves to the slot and someone else, either Dwayne Harris or Williams, plays on the outside. Williams is a vertical threat. Austin is a proven, do-it-all guy. His job is safe.

David (Halifax): There seemed to be a lot of discussion pre-draft about Jeremy Maclin being traded or released. Do you think he needs to have a big season to stick around or would an average year be enough?

DG: I didn't see any such discussion anywhere, but I do think this is an important year for Maclin. The Eagles will have the money to sign him to a huge deal if they want to, but he's got to prove he's worth it.

an honest redskins fan (DC): Most argue that the redskins success was Robert Griffin III. But if you look at the numbers, I would argue their success was an intact offensive line all season and Alfred Morris' running ability.Do you believe the skins OL and A. Morris's running continues in 2013?

DG: I think RG3 had a lot to do with those of those things. The threat he presents as a mobile QB takes a lot of pressure off the line and the running back.