Breakfast links: Redskins' culture change

We are exactly four months from the 2013 "Monday Night Football" opener between the Eagles and the Redskins, by which time the Sunday night NFC East opener between the Cowboys and the Giants will already be in the books. Four months to fill with links.

Washington Redskins

People like to ask the question about Tony Romo when he's playing in high-profile offseason golf tournaments, so it must be fair to at least ask it about Robert Griffin III as he jets around his offseason living his celebrity life: Is there reason to worry about all of Griffin's off-field offseason activity? The Washington Post crew takes up the question. I'm with my old baseball-writing friend Jason Reid. I don't see any reason to worry that Griffin's head isn't where it's supposed to be. But again, worth asking the question.

Rich Campbell takes a look at the culture change that's taken place around the Redskins since the Mike Shanahan era began.

Dallas Cowboys

You'll notice a different look for DeMarcus Ware this season. Not only is he moving from 3-4 outside linebacker to 4-3 defensive end in the Cowboys' new defense, he's going to wear a face mask with more bars on it than the one he used to wear. Perhaps lining up closer to the offensive linemen makes him more concerned about getting grabbed there. This one looks hard to grab.

Joel Corry has a detailed analysis of -- and a potential solution to -- the dilemma the Cowboys are having with Doug Free. Joel thinks each side will benefit from a compromise on the amount of pay cut Free ends up taking.

New York Giants

The Giants' second-round pick is a defensive lineman who didn't sack quarterbacks in college, but that's OK with them. They drafted Johnathan Hankins to take up space and help them stop the run, which has been a big problem for them the past couple of regular seasons.

A big key to improvement in the Giants' secondary this year will be the continued health and development of 2011 first-round cornerback Prince Amukamara. Brad Gagnon takes a look at how good Amukamara really was last year and how good the Giants can expect him to be.

Philadelphia Eagles

LeSean McCoy offers some insight into how much running the Eagles are going to be doing under new head coach Chip Kelly in 2013. Hint: It's a lot.

Sean Woods makes the case for Dennis Dixon to win the Eagles' starting quarterback job, though his case is based mainly on the shortcomings of the other candidates. Those shortcomings are real, but Dixon's had chances to show he can handle an NFL starting quarterback job and has not done so.