Breakfast links: Snyder adamant on 'Redskins'

Friday links, in order of when the state in which each team plays its home games was admitted to the union. You call it East Coast bias? I call it patriotism. This is the way Alexander Hamilton would have wanted it.

Philadelphia Eagles

The outside linebacker position is one of the most interesting to watch for the Eagles this offseason. Assuming they plan to institute more 3-4 looks, everybody wants to know how Brandon Graham and Trent Cole will handle the transition from 4-3 defensive ends to stand-up rush linebackers.

Jeremy Maclin says he doesn't know much about whether the Eagles are holding or will hold a starting quarterback competition. But in practices so far, Maclin says, Michael Vick has been running with the first team with Nick Foles "sprinkling in some reps here and there." As we have discussed at length, there are no sure things or guarantees here, but Vick is the current clear and obvious favorite to open the season as the Eagles' starter, based on his experience and his 2013 upside.

New York Giants

What the Giants liked about offensive lineman Justin Pugh, who was their first-round pick in the draft last month, was that he's smart and technically sound enough to grasp their system quickly and that he could play whatever position on the line they need him to play a year from now.

Chad Jones, the 2010 Giants draft pick who was injured in a terrible car accident before he could ever play for the team, has given up his football comeback and will try to pursue a career as a baseball pitcher instead.

Washington Redskins

Redskins owner Dan Snyder had this to say to USA Today on the name-change issue: "We'll never change the name. It's that simple. NEVER — you can use caps." So, you know. At least he's keeping an open mind on a sensitive issue. Good to see.

If there is to be any change on the Redskins' offensive line this year, it's most likely to be at right tackle. Keith McMillan examines the four candidates, including returning starter Tyler Polumbus.

Dallas Cowboys

You know how every single offseason there's a story about how Miles Austin is working harder or doing something different to prevent a recurrence of the hamstring injuries that are always bugging him? Yeah? Well, this is the May 2013 version of that story. I feel confident in saying that Cowboys fans would rather read stories next May about the success Austin had in doing this.

Cut earlier this offseason in a salary cap move, former Cowboys safety Gerald Sensabaugh has decided to retire from the NFL at the age of 29. Good for him. Hopefully he got out before the game took too great a toll on his physical health. I'm rarely surprised when people decide to retire from this game young.