Video: Final thoughts on 'red flags'

We spent much of today breaking down the remaining issues facing each NFC East team with the help of Football Outsiders' "red flags"Insider series. In this Blogger Blitz video, Mike Sando and I discuss a few more aspects of the NFC East red flags, including the fact that three of the division's four teams were flagged for secondary issues (and many fans of the Giants, who were flagged for linebackers, are probably more concerned about the secondary than they are about the linebackers). I wonder whether the fact that the secondaries have declined division-wide has contributed to this down period the NFC East is enduring.

I also wonder, if I'd been picking "red flags" for each of the division's teams, if I might have picked quarterback for the Eagles. As Mike points out in the video, Michael Vick has some track record and the other options are intriguing in their own right, so it's not as though they have nothing at quarterback, the way the Cardinals did last year. But I think the fact that the Eagles don't currently know who their 2013 starting quarterback is or feel good about one of their current quarterbacks as a franchise anchor constitutes a "red flag" at the most important position on the field.