Breakfast links: Chip Kelly brings the noise

Can't talk right now. Limbering up my chat muscles. Preparing to make today's the greatest May chat in ESPN.com NFL history. You don't want to miss it. Make sure and get all of your links.

New York Giants

Steve Tisch, one of the Giants' owners, theorizes that going to the Jets was a bad thing for Tim Tebow's career. Which, duh. But lest you think (as I did upon reading that headline) that even the Giants' owners can't find interesting things to discuss about the Giants this time of year, Tisch also says he liked the Aaron Curry signing and the draft.

Whatever becomes of Ryan Nassib, he'll always be able to say his first day on the field with the Giants went better than Eli Manning's did back in 2004.

Philadelphia Eagles

Monday's was the first Chip Kelly practice that was open to the media. The reporters who were there spent the morning live-tweeting the music that was blaring and trying to track who was playing quarterback for which play. Les Bowen says the pace and the atmosphere lived up to the hype.

And remember the other day when Michael Vick supposedly beat LeSean McCoy in a 40-yard dash? Well, McCoy isn't going down like that. He claims Vick started early and won't agree to a rematch.

Washington Redskins

In his weekly mailbag, Mike Jones says the Redskins don't appear to have any interest in bringing back Chris Cooley and discusses replacement options for London Fletcher.

The Redskins' secondary, however the pieces end up fitting, is going to have to come together quickly this season. Rich Tandler looks at the early tests the schedule poses.

Dallas Cowboys

Tim MacMahon believes that the plan to involve Tony Romo in the game planning and playcalling more than in prior years is the latest erosion of the authority of head coach Jason Garrett, and I can see where Tim MacMahon's coming from. Thing is, though, if it works, Garrett's not on the "hot seat" anymore, right?

With rookie minicamp over, Cowboys first-round pick Travis Frederick has returned to Wisconsin to continue working on the Android app he's helping to develop. You know. That old story. Heard it a million times. I think Ray Nitschke had to miss part of his rookie minicamp for the same reason, but Google's coming up blank on that.