Wrap-up: Raiders 13, Eagles 9

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

The unthinkable happened. The Eagles went into the Black Hole and suffered a 13-9 loss to the Raiders. It was a horrible day for the NFC East, but at least we've come to expect these performances from the Redskins.

The Eagles were so bad that Andy Reid couldn't even bring himself to field questions after the game. He made a statement about how Tom Cable out-coached him -- and then fled the building. You can point to a lot of areas in which the Eagles played poorly in the loss, but Reid's failure to show any interest in the running game certainly didn't help. Brian Westbrook was poised to have a huge day -- but Reid only fed him the ball six times. He had to make his impact catching the ball, which he did quite nicely with nine catches for 91 yards.

The Eagles couldn't account for Raiders tight end Zach Miller, who had an 86-yard touchdown during which he ran through a Jeremiah Trotter tackle. Maybe that's what happens when you bring back players who've been on the couch for a couple seasons and hand them valuable playing time.

The Eagles allowed the Raiders to control the clock, in part, because of Reid's refusal to run the ball. David Akers missed two field goals (43 and 47) in the game, but the Eagles shouldn't have been in a spot where they needed to win with field goals. They faced some adversity with left tackle Jason Peters injuring his knee in the first quarter, and they never responded. Quarterback Donovan McNabb was sacked six times and he finished the day 22-of-46 for 269 yards.

Now that road game next Monday at FedEx doesn't look quite as certain. Really, really bad day for the NFC East -- except for the idle Cowboys. Pretty solid day for them, I'd say.