Breakfast links: Trouble for LeSean McCoy?

Blog might be light today, folks, just FYI. Heading up to Bristol for a meeting, and that means lots of time on the road. I promise I'll make it up to you tomorrow, or at least in September. Meantime, we have links.

Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy is being sued for assault as a result of a December incident on a party bus. McCoy's attorney is saying the charges are false and merely an attempt to get money from McCoy, and certainly that does happen with pro athletes. If that's what this is, it'll blow over. But if he were to be found liable, yes, that could land him in trouble with the NFL as well.

One of the features of Chip Kelly's offense will be option routes for wide receivers that allow them to adjust the routes they run based on something they see in the coverage. It's going to put a lot of additional responsibility on DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin & Co., and is yet another aspect of the offense that will make it more complicated for the quarterback. There is much to learn and practice in these next four months.

Washington Redskins

Brad Gagnon recently wondered whether the healthy return of Brian Orakpo could make the Redskins' pass rush the best in the NFC East. It's not a ridiculous idea, what with the Giants having taken a step back in that department last season and the Eagles' and Cowboys' pass-rushers having to learn new positions.

Can you make a case for Alfred Morris as the Redskins' best player? One national writer recently ranked him that way. I guess the point is you can't assume a fully healthy Robert Griffin III, but obviously, if you could ...

Dallas Cowboys

Tim MacMahon says that the blame for the Doug Free fiasco belongs with Free, not with a front office that gave him a contract the market demanded after his big 2010 season. And I agree with Tim's basic point. Free is the one to blame for not living up to the deal. But the contract does appear to have been structured in a way that has caused the team more problems than it had to. And I still don't understand why Free hasn't been released or forced to take a pay cut.

And sticking with our friends at ESPNDallas.com, Calvin Watkins writes that the team has to be happy about what a quiet offseason wide receiver Dez Bryant is having. Those in the Cowboys front office who believe in jinxes can't be happy with Calvin.

New York Giants

The World Wide Web was buzzing Tuesday with a lot of rumor and innuendo about the Victor Cruz contract situation nearing a resolution. But Ohm writes that there's nothing new to report and nothing imminent.

Cooper Taylor is a rookie to watch this offseason, as the manner in which he ultimately fits in the NFL is a matter of some question. Is he too big to play safety and too small to play linebacker? I'm thinking he's a special-teams star right away and could factor into sub packages as early as 2014.